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2007 Honda ST1300A

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About me and my bikes over the years

    I have been around motorcycles my whole life. My father had Jawa's, Kawasaki's and Honda's. I first solo ride was on a red Moped when I was around 10 or so. The THING would only go some of the times, but it was fun pushing it around the yard and field.Then by age 13 I was upgraded to a Honda 75 or 100 (CANNOT REALLY REMEMBER THE SIZE)  which used lots of oil and would not keep charged. It was fun. Then in '76 I bought my FIRST new bike . It was a Brand new '76 KH100, it's life got cut short by a severe accident, not by me BUT. So after that event IN '78  I bought a used '74 Honda cb360 , man that thing would fly. Had that bike for 2 years and sold it. Then I lost interest for 2 years til I bought my '81 Honda cb750 Custom on Friday June 13, 1983. I still have the bike for now. But IT'S time for a retirement motorbike. A ST1300A 2007 was bought on May 5 2007.


Me sitting on a new demo Police bike. We were at Arby's, Bedford, NS. I had the police officers jacket on. June 7/07


This is a picture of MY son Shawn on his first day of school, Sept 1991. He is currently an Infantry Officer at the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario. Graduating in the spring of 2008  We are very proud of him and wish him nothing but happiness and a long life ..
from MOM and DAD


Me sitting on a Police bike, June 7 2007

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